Current Concerns

Mountain bikes on Mt Victoria

How do you feel about mountain bikes on the trails and pathways of Mt Victoria. Great recreation or a hazard to walkers?

Let us know via our contact page.

Footpaths in need of resurfacing

We’ve spotted these paths need resurfacing:

  • Vogel Street
  • Doctor’s Common
  • South side of the monastery

Any others? Contact us and we’ll add them to our list!

More seating for Mt Victoria

Would you like to have more seats around Mt Victoria where you can rest a while and enjoy sunshine, views, watching the passers by, even the wind?  Would you like public seats in other places? To celebrate Walk to Work Day last year, we put temporary chairs by the Monastery, on Brougham St East and West near Pirie St, and on Hania St by the Greek church.

Brougham St E (3) Brougham St East (1) Brougham St West(2) Hania St (1) Hawker St (2)

Please tell us what you think via our contact form,  by emailing or on our Facebook page. Your feedback will help us request some funding in the City