EPA Board of Inquiry and High Court case

The EPA Board of Inquiry decision is to DECLINE NZTA’s application to build its proposed flyover and accompanying buildings etc. at the Basin Reserve.  The Board’s  report and decision is available here:  NSP000026 BOI Final Report and Decision 29Aug14

The NZ Transport Agency  appealed the Board of Inquiry’s decision to the High Court.  Save the Basin Campaign Inc and the Mt Victoria Residents’ Association  commissioned Matthew Palmer QC, with Callum Reid, Instructing Solicitor, to represent our view sat the High Court.  Our joint submission to the High Court is available here:        STBC & MVRA Submissions 9 June 2015

Fortunately, the High Court DECLINED NZTA’s appeal.

MVRA, with other groups and individuals, will continue to lobby for viable, and cost-effective alternatives to the flyover.  Alternatives can retain and improve the function of the Basin Reserve roundabout at ground level at far less cost than the flyover.  They would also provide opportunities for improved public transport, cycling and walking, and enhance the historic urban environment and open space of the Basin Reserve and surrounding historic area.  The MVRA believes ground-level solutions would be of far greater benefit to  the future of our people-centred city and our residents than the flyover.


The Minister for Environment’s directive establishing the Board of Inquiry says the flyover project is of national significance for several reasons.  Top of the list is heritage.  See:

Minister direction to BOI 3July13

The following is MVRA’s submission to the Board:

MVRA submission 103588 6 Sept 2013

MVRA’s legal expert made an excellent opening statement to the Board:

Con Anastasiou Opening Statement 5Feb

Updated 4 October 2015 SW


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