Recent Submissions


The MVRA makes submissions to a wide variety of organisations on behalf of local residents. We represent your interests to groups as diverse the Wellington City Council (WCC), the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), the NZ Transport Agency, the Ministry for the Environment, the Local Government and Environment Select Committee. This page list our recent submissions …


May 2020 : Submission on Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2020/21-2030/31


18 Jan 2018 : Submission on Let’s Get Wellington Moving proposals.
We submitted this feedback on the four scenarios proposed by Let’s Get Wellington Moving late last year. The deadline for submissions by the public was ridiculously short, and we obtained an extension to fully detail our own. Click on the link above to read it.

13 Apr 2017 : Submission on Draft Annual Plan 2017/18.
We submitted this feedback on the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s (GWRC) Draft Annual Plan 2017/18. Our comments relate to several key aspects of the plan …

29 Mar 2017 : Submission on Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2018/19 — 2027/28 which sets out the strategic direction for New Zealand’s land transport over the next 10 years, and its funding. (Mt Victoria includes local roads which have been designated State Highway 1, and so is affected directly by government policy directions on land transport.)


subm-access-to-wegc-aug16.docx to WCC on consent for Wellington East Girls’ to use Town Belt to access school site

Subm MfE FINAL on NPS urban dev capacity 15Jul16 to Minstry for the Environment on proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity

SubmFINAL to LG & Env Select Cmte on LGA Bill 2 25Jul16 to Local Govt and Environment Select Committee on Local Govt Amendment Bill (No. 2)

MVRA response LGWM draft pples 27July16 to Governance Group on draft principles for Lets Get Welly Moving and Ngauranga to Airport transport

Subm Govt Admin Cmte on Charities Bill 28Jul16 to Government Administration Select Committee on Charities Amendment Bill

Subm FINAL to WCC FrankKittsPark1July16 to WCC on proposed development of Frank Kitts Park, including Chinese garden

MVRA FINAL sub Open Spaces Access 16Jul16 to WCC on Open Spaces Access Plan – access to Mt Victoria and other parks for walkers, mountain bikers and e-bikers

MVRA FINAL subm Airport August 2016 to WCC on resource consents for proposed airport runway extension

Subm traffic res 80-16 west Basin Reserve 13May16  to WCC on cyclist & walker shared footpath at Basin Resrve

Subm FINAL on draft 2016-17 AP 29Apr16  to WCC on draft Annual Plan 16/17

Subm FINAL WRC AP2016-17 18Apr16  to WRC on draft Annual Plan 16/17

WRC FINAL further submission29Mar16    to WRC on proposed Natural Resources Plan

WCC FINAL subm film mus + conv cntre 15Mar16  to WCC on proposed Convention Centre/Movie Museum

Subm FINAL Select Cmte Resource Legisln 13Mar16  to Local Government and Environment Select Committee on Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

MVRA sub traffic res 17 Hawker St 29Feb16  to WCC on local traffic matter

FINAL submission Wgton airport runway ext 11Feb16  to Wellington Connect on proposed airport runway extension

WCC FINAL submission dev 16-17 Annual Plan 5Feb16



Last year we made several submissions to the Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Local Government Commission:

WCC FINAL submission St Gerard’s land swap 7Dec15

GWRC submsn NatRsrces Plan FINAL 25Sept15

Briefing for ward councillors FINAL 25Sept15

WRC submsn 10 year plan 2015-25 FINAL 20Apr15:

Sub on Drft Proposal for LG Reorg Wgton FINAL 2Mar15

FINALsubm Draft Mt Victoria Matairangi landscape Plan 23Mar15

Submsn GW draft climate change strategyFINAL 7Apr15

Subm on draft LTP 2015-25 FINAL 16Apr15

Sub draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 FINAL20Feb15:

Previous submissions on various issues

WCC draft suburban reserves management plan FINAL 5Dec14

WCC urban growth plan 2014-43 FINAL 13Oct14

:WCC convention centre FINAL 14Aug14

WCC draft annual plan 2014-15 FINAL 11Mar14

WRC draft Annual Plan 2014-15 FINAL 28Apr14

WRC Draft Wgton Region Public transport plan 2014 FINAL9May14

Submission on Wellington City Council’s 2013/14 Draft Annual Plan

Environment Court Fee Submission 9Nov12

WCC Town Belt management plan FINAL 9Dec12

Local Govt Regional Reform FINAL 3May13


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