The Mt Victoria Residents Association is an active advocate on behalf of the community, aiming to further the interests of our neighbourhood with local and central government. We’ve been doing this work for decades, promoting the needs of residents and opposing inappropriate development in the neighbourhood.

Any resident in Mt Victoria can become a member of the Association – annual membership is only $10 for individuals, $20 for families or $5 unwaged. To join, simply mail your details and a cheque to MVRA, PO Box 19-056, Courtenay Place, Wellington 6149.

The Association holds an AGM in September each year, where officers are elected from amongst the local residents. If you would like to contribute your time and energies to helping make our community a better place, you can volunteer to join the committee by e-mailing us at mvra[at] mtvictoria.org.nz (note the address has been munged to help prevent spam!)


There are a number of areas where MVRA is actively involved in promoting the interests of the community:

  • We make submissions on issues that affect Mt Victoria, such as proposals to have a Wellington super-city Council, Wellington City and Regional Councils’ draft long-term and annual plans,  the Town Belt and transport plans. Copies are posted on this website.
  • We actively monitor and make submissions to the Council on resource consent issues, particularly demolitions, that affect local residents, We have worked with the Council to put in place in the District Plan rules and guidelines  to protect the heritage of our unique inner-city neighbourhood.  This was in response to the wholesale destruction of Mt Victoria’s heritage through inappropriate development in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • We work with other groups – such as the Mt Victoria Historical Society and Save the Basin Campaign  – on issues of common concern.

What we are working on

You are invited to attend a meeting to meet local body candidates  Come and hear from them about their priorities and issues if they get elected.

Meet the candidates for Mayor and Lambton Ward Councillors

On Thursday 15 September at 7pm at the Tararua Tramping Club Hall, Moncrieff St, Mt Victoria.  This meeting will begin with the Residents’ Association’s Annual General Meeting which we aim to keep short.

For the AGM, here are the Agenda, MInutes of the 2015 AGM, and the 2015/16 Financial Statements with statement of accounting policies and notes to the statements.


agm-minutes-17sept15 2015-16-



More seating in Mt Victoria

Would you like have more seats around Mt Victoria where you can rest a while and enjoy sunshine, views, watching the passers by, even the wind?  Would you like public seats in other places? To celebrate Walk to Work Day we have put temporary chairs by the Monastery, on Brougham St East and West near Pirie St, and on Hania St by the Greek church.  Please tell us what you think via mtvicra@gmail.com or on Facebook. Your feedback will help us request some funding in the City Council’s 1916/17 Annual Plan.   Brougham St E (3) Brougham St East (1) Brougham St West(2) Hania St (1) Hawker St (2)

We are also getting information on civil defence arrangements for Mt Victoria and preparing submissions on the Regional Council’s Annual Plan 2016/17, the City Council’s Annual Plan 2016-17, and reviewing other’s submissions on the Regional Council’s proposed natural resources plan.

Updated 14 September 2016 SW




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